What is Gizmo Records?

An online record store catering exclusively to the turntablist and / or producer. Specialising in obscure, resourceful records; ideal for ‘scratching’, sampling and remixing.

Please Note: For production purposes, usual copyright laws apply.

What makes Gizmo different from other online record stores?

The whole operation is ran by one person who is passionate about turntablism and production. Having an intimate knowledge of modern production and performance techniques means that the stock you see in the shop has been selected specifically for that purpose.

To a music lover and turntablist there is something counter-intuitive to record collecting in the normal sense. As a collector, you are faced with a cruel reality; to enjoy your records, you have to fundamentally reduce their value through wear and tear.

Vinyl production has always been and still remains an art, artists have always received limited runs when starting out and certain trends have caused above average wear to certain genres on the whole.

This means there’s a lot of money in chasing the high value vinyl (your limited presses, mint condition etc.), which has created a formulaic market that has pushed any record not in mainstream demand to the borders.

As a turntablist, the monetary value of a record is pretty irrelevant (well, until the gigs dry up). To find useful, unique material, you’re destined to dig deeper.

Digging through dusty charity shops and being up to your nuts in mud at car-boot sales is not to everyones taste. If you want the equally useful and obscure but you don’t have the time or stomach to do the hard work, you’ve come to the right place.


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